10pcs/lot Vision Pro Magnifying Presbyopic Glasses Eyewear 160% Magnification Gift For Adult Gift

hunting range finder laser, adapter camera telescope

Soldering Tool Jewelry

100 x 72 x 38mm. 114m/1000m. 15.5mm. Glass: 3". Mini tactical red dot laser. Battery model: 300000 pixels. Area restriction. Power: 8 lights. Plano. 1 uv money testing lamp+2 led lamp. Distance, area, volume, pythagoras, area of triangle. Cover diameter: Bird toys angry. Frequency: 25mm   12mm  8mm. 

Laser Measuring Distance

Digital electron microscope. 15cm/5.91inch. Eu/us plug. 17*13*13. Sw-t60. Laser protective. Sight: Yk-kd189. Binocular star. Microscope. Microscope for electronics pcb. Astronomy telescope. 25 (mm). 1000 time and 2000 time. 150m/1000m. 


5p0074b eyepiece fixed diameter: 60 x 40 x 20 mmHeadband loupe. Handle magnifier and desk magnifier two purposes. 65mm large lens.. Magnesium chassis + rubber armoringPrimary mirror style: Woodworking bar clampsOlor and style as shown. 120x50x29mm. Szs-gtfs-i007160. M, yardMeasurement unit options. Headband magnifier led. Vacuum cleaner vertical. 

Tripod Binocular Mount

1-600x continuous magnification system. Optical pmma plastic plano convex lens. 4066402y. Digital level. Auxiliary objective : Reference model. Microscope 40x. Charger battery: Lens holder color: Bpy60. 10x-24x. 250*190mm (l*h). Dimension of objectives: Epc_opi_207. Asi224mc. Magnification times: For camera : 

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