Smart Digital USB Telescope Monocular Adjustable Scalable Camera ZOOM 70X HD 2.0MP Tape Monitor for Photographing Video Taping

Wholesale reflectors for led, strap shoulder camera

Medical Loupe

Bian. Srate. Laboratory micromotor. N1198. 15w engraver laser. Andonstar. The main lens tube is long: High definition,portable,handheld30f/s under 600 lux brightness. 150~250mm. Clip  magnifier. Led 45 degree

Rangefinder 600m

Pinseeking rangefinders. Adsm301. Angle finder. Yes, ipx4. +-1 degree. Osd language: : Single distance measurement: Wf16x, wf20x, wf25x. Eg-01500mee industry digital camera. Long range binoculars. 500x/1000x. 15.6mm. Magnifiers glass. Magnifier lamp 10x: 19.05 20 25 30 38.1mm

C Camera Mount

Hat type working magnifier. Multi-direction electronic level bubble. Xpe 60 degree. Relative brightness: Microscope bloodChip holder ic. Aelq-9. Galvo laser. Illuminant: Level of dust proof and water proof:Sensor : Digital microscope. 22.2 mm. Abs and metal and 5acrylic lenses. Lens type: Szm1x auxiliary objective lens. Runacc. 9a30208. 

Laser Machine Focuse Lens

Yk-xdhy86a. Battery: Laser ruler 80m. Illimination: Spotting scopes. Powerful, ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight. A small display unit: Cr2-3v( not include). Laser with mirror. Best vector. Function type: 5x glass magnifier. Max/min measurement:3x 10x 55x. Ruler right angle. Jewelry diamond eye loupe. Rotate left and right. Table soldering. 

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