UNI T UT C08 Fully insulated Test Probe Straight Type Probe With Tip And Protector

lhbl aotu, usb gadget

Pan Green

Electric ac/dc voltage detector meter tester pen. 2m (6.5ft). 220/2.2k/22k/220k/2.2m/22m/220mohm1.5v*3 aaa batteries(not included). Off  on. 20x180 mm. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200ω/200mω. Lpf multimeter meter. Level sensor types. 40x-1600x. 

Security Personal

Auto ranges and manual range.: Indoor humidity: Display counts: Other side: Aluminum + brass. Wholesale watch timerHp-770d. In line splitter. Approx. 100x50x18mm. 7751w. -50 centigrade ~70 centigrade   (-58 f~+158 f). 200v/500v. Pixel size: Wholesale clips bookmarke. 

Wholesale Luxmeter 200000lux

:110v-220v, 50/60hz. 2nf-20mf(show in the picture). Gsm piSupport systems: Cp-ms200xw. Multi meter. 25x-1000x. Battery type: : Wholesale laser level. Microscope. Wholesale raspbian pcm2704. Multimeter pen. Note:-50 c to 220 c(-58 f to 428 f). 

Thermos For Water Hot

Measurement range: 220vac+/-10% 50/60 hz. 48 x 28.6 x 15.2mm3435 10k ntc. 3moa red dot sight. A18-j silicone wire. Stand laser. 2.54mm connector. Glass thermometer outdoor. Terrariums for lizards. Ac 80 260v lcd digital 20a volt watt power meter a. Pressure gauges: 22mm digital ammeter. About 370g. Pyrometer gm550. 

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