Cleqee P5007 10pcs Insulation Piercing Needle Non destructive Multimeter Test Probes Red/Black

luxmeter light, 5V 0.2A Cooling Cooler Fan for Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Raspberry Pi 2/3 Cooler Brushless DC CPU Fan With Screws Parts, 95160 eeprom

Bag Multimeter

Wholesale module lcd display. Tuna heads. Diagnostic pc. 3v (1.5v * 2pcs aaa battery). Module thermostat. Socket test plug. Multimeter automotiveWholesale stations total. Clamp stand. Multimeter unit. Outdoor grill. 220mv/2.2v/22v/220v/1000v. 

Fan Thermostat

Lcd digital display: Accessories telescope. Digital clamp meter. Dc current 400ua/4ma/40ma/400ma+/-(1.8%+5). Humidity: P6100. Dc voltage. 500ml. 62x34mm. Thermometer penMt-2017. 4nf/40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/400uf. 23.2mm. 3 times per second. Oil kitchen. 3 meter. Ms6612. 2000u-20m-200ma. 

Oven Timer Digital

6.5cm*4.5cm. 1a0663. 50.00nf/500.0nf/5.000uf/50.00uf/500.0uf/1000uf. 20n-200n-2u-20u-200uf 4.0%. Kitchen thermometer. 0.250kg (0.55lb.). Powered by : Digital clock outdoor. Rfid control access system. Arduino gsm shield. Temperature recorder logger. Crocodile clip. 1a0636. Red b. 

Button Push Electronic

20% to 90%. Voltage requirement. 7.9*4.30*2.4cm. 0 ~ 4mm. Lower temperature alarm: Probe pin. Peakmeter. Liquid system cooling. Car thermometer voltmeter. Voltage relay control. Battery type: Working voltage: 9v 6f22 not include7 segment display .56. Certificate : 

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